Travel Route


Our trip around the world starts in Germany – from here we will fly to Southeast Asia. After arriving in Vietnam we will continue our way through Laos and Cambodia and then fly to the Philippines and Indonesia. Next we will head towards New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Australia. Via America’s tropical paradise Hawaii, we will make our way to Canada. By then it will be time to head back towards home via Iceland and Ireland.

Visit our “Travel” section to discover the places we visit during our travels around the world.

Start Exploring!
  • Where to travel when?

    When planning our route we decided to a) only visit places where none of us has been before and b) spend an endless summer (or simply skip the German winter).
    For us it was important to enjoy a lot of sunshine, skip the rainy seasons, see turtles, whales, bears or other wildlife and to catch some waves wherever possible.

  • How long to stay in one destination/country?

    When planning our route and the length of each stay at a certain destination we took three aspects into consideration:
    1. Budget
    2. Visa regulations and
    3. Personal preferences.
    Places like Hawaii or the Cook Islands definitely need a higher daily budget then Vietnam or Laos. And in Indonesia or the Philippines our free visa is limited to up to 30 days only. Whereas we wanted to have plenty of time to explore New Zealand, Canada, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

  • Recommended reads:

    The read that convinced us to quit our jobs and go travel around the world was the GEO Special – Weltreise – this magazine includes some very nice articles about people who already traveled the world for a while or who are planning to do so. It also gives one a good insight into how to plan a trip around the world or how to save up money.

    To plan our route we used the German book “Wann wohin reisen?” – this book not only gives useful information about the seasons in the various countries, but also about the best time to spot rare animals or to do certain sports.

    We also used to get detailed information about seasons, climate and weather conditions. The website also features basic information about special sights, visa applications, food and much more for every country.

Travel Schedule

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia: 04.10.2016 – 02.12.2016
Philippines: 02.12.2016 – 27.12.2016
Indonesia: 27.12.2016 – 24.01.2017
New Zealand: 24.01.2017 – 07.03.2017
Cook Islands: 07.03.2017 – 21.03.2017
Australia: 21.03.2017 – 19.04.2017
Hawaii: 19.04.2017 – 29.04.2017
Canada: 29.04.2017 – 06.06.2017
Iceland: 06.06.2017 – 22.06.2017
Ireland: 22.06.2017 – 08.07.2017