Travel First Aid Kit


When traveling for some weeks or even months a solid travel first aid kit definitely should be on your packing list. Especially if you are planning on traveling off the beaten track and outside of major cities or routes. It is just too easy to get scratched or cut once you are out and about. A good travel first aid kit can get you out of some nasty situations and prevent inconvenient side trips to a doctor.

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Plan your budget!
  • Essentials:

    Painkillers (ibuprofen or similar)
    Standard strip bandages
    Anti septic spray or wipes
    Gauze pads and bandages
    Medical adhesive tape
    Anti-diarrhea tablets
    Malaria prophylaxis
    Broad-spectrum antibiotic
    Antibiotic ointment
    Anti-itch cream

  • Extras:

    Digital thermometer
    Anti-motion sickness medication
    Cold relief capsules
    Blister bandages
    Hand sanitizer
    Personal medications
    Aloe gel for sunburn
    Allergy medication

  • Anything else?

    Please keep in mind that this packing list for a travel first aid kit is only a recommendation. It includes what we are taking on our trip. Depending on where in the world you travel, how long you will be traveling or what kind of travel “style” you prefer – there might be other essentials that definitely should be included in your personal travel first aid kit. So make sure you ask a doctor before you start your travels.