Travel Budget


To travel around the world costs money. That is for sure. Of course there are ways to travel on a budget or even for free. But for those of you who are not into hitchhiking and other adventures, we would like to share some insights about how we saved up money for our trip around the world. And about how we planned our budget.

Want to know more about how to plan a route for your travels around the world? Read our post about the route we will take.

Start Planning!
  • How to save up money?

    Both of us were working full time during the past years. With our monthly salaries it was quite easy for us to put some money aside by following some rules:
    1. Open up a second bank account where you can save money. You know: Out of sight – out of mind.
    2. Depending on your monthly budget decide how much money you can put aside immediately after receiving your new salary and without getting into trouble later on. This way a constant amount will be put on your account and your travel money will start to grow.
    3. Stop buying stuff you do not really need. Try to be a bit more critical when you find yourself shopping. Do you really need this new shirt? Those 15,00 EUR – 30,00 EUR equal one or even two days in an Asian country.
    4. Sell stuff you do not need anymore or that you have not used in ages. This not only adds money to your account, it also feels awesome to get rid of unused stuff.
    5. Try to minimize your monthly costs. Get rid of this gym contract if you never go there. Check if there might be a cheaper alternative for your old mobile phone contract. There are countless opportunities to save some money every month.
    6. Make sure you do not forget to treat yourself to something nice from time to time. We do not want you to turn into Scrooge.

  • How to book the best/cheapest flights?

    As we had quite some time to plan our trip around the world, we were also able to carefully monitor available flights and prices. Before booking the first flights we prepared an overview of all necessary flights and their average costs. We then used to set up some price alarms. These alarms can be quite helpful as you will immediately be notified if the prices of your selected flights change. Once you searched for a flight you can also switch to view the whole month. Being quite flexible in our dates this always gave us the opportunity to go for the best/cheapest flight.

  • Recommended reads:

    To calculate our daily budget for each destination we used two very useful websites:
    Both websites are good for figuring out your baseline costs per day. The calculation includes aspects such as accommodation, food, sightseeing and others. We decided to go for a mid-range budget.

    In some countries we decided to book a camper van to be more flexible and to save some money for accommodation, meals and transportation. We used these rental services:
    1. Eurocamper(New Zealand)
    2. Globalcampers(Australia)
    3. Cruise America via Rent A Camper(Canada)

Our Travel Budget

Flights (total): 2.770,00 EUR
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia: 20,00 EUR per day
Philippines: 20,00 EUR per day
Indonesia: 20,00 EUR per day
New Zealand: 30,00 EUR per day*
Cook Islands: 40,00 EUR per day
Australia: 40,00 EUR per day*
Hawaii: 70,00 EUR per day
Canada: 40,00 EUR per day*
Iceland: 60,00 EUR per day
Ireland: 40,00 EUR per day
Camper (total): 4.550,00 EUR (NZ, AUS, CA)
TOTAL Budget: 14.095,00 EUR (9 months)**


*This excludes accommodation as we booked a camper van in this country.
**Note: Traveling in pairs can save you a lot of money. Especially in Asia the price for a hotel room stays the same: No matter if you sleep in it alone or with two people. Furthermore you can share the costs for food, transportation (taxi or rentals) and much more.