Round-up Stew


Rich and hearty, this round-up stew would be the perfect way to top off a long day in the saddle, rounding up cattle. But it also makes a perfect dish for a cold day or a day out camping. When a cow was slaughtered, cooks made this infamous stew to use up the less choice bits. Recipes differed, but in the end the cook would throw almost everything it the pot but the horns and hide. This more modern recipe uses delicious ground beef and fresh vegetables. The cooking needs quite a while, so we decided to prepare it on an old oven using a fire instead of our gas cooker (what a great experience!), but it will turn out delicious on your stove at home as well.

Serves 4

  • minced beef

    225 g

  • white mushroom

    1/2 cup

  • onion

    1/2 cup

  • celery

    1/2 cup

  • cooking oil

  • all-purpose flour

    2 tsp

  • beef stock

    1.5 l

  • carrot

    1 cup

  • potato

    1 cup

  • pearl barley

    1/3 cup

  • tomato paste

    2 tbsp

  • evaporated milk

    160 ml

  • pepper

A hearty dish of round-up stew would also be a fantastic way to fuel yourself up for a road trip across the Canadian Rockies and along the famous Icefields Parkway.

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  • 1. Step

    Time to get some preparation done: Cut the fresh WHITE MUSHROOMS in slices. Chop the ONION and CELERY. Depending on how much you like the taste of celery, you can chop it in bigger or smaller pieces. The smaller, the less you will taste it in the end, but it will still add a lot of good flavour to the stew. Cut the CARROT in slices. Peel the POTATO and chop it. Put everything aside.

  • 2. Step

    Heat some COOKING OIL in a big pot on medium heat. Add the GROUND BEEF, WHITE MUSHROOMS, ONION and CELERY. Scramble-fry for about 10 minutes until the beef is no longer pink.

  • 3. Step

    Sprinkle with FLOUR. Keep stirring and cook for about 1 minute.

  • 4. Step

    Now add the next ingredients: BEEF STOCK, CARROT, POTATO, PEARL BARLEY, TOMATO PASTE and PEPPER. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for about 1 hour. Stir occasionally, until barley and vegetables are tender and stew is thickened.

    Note: We first let the stew simmer while being partially covered, but then decided to remove the lid of the pot as the stew did not really start to thicken. So keep an eye on how it goes and if the stew looses too much liquid cover the pot.

  • Final Step

    Add EVAPORATED MILK. Cook and stir for about 1 to 2 minutes until heated through. Then serve the stew while hot. It is a nice dish to warm you belly, but it also makes a good snack for a party and you can also enjoy it with some nice fresh bread.

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