paul hollywood puff pastry

This delicious puff pastry is what I make when I want to impress a friend or a special someone. I also love it because it is so very easy to make and it looks adorable. It is a quick and easy recipe and you will have a lot of leftovers.

Like most pastry recipes, there’s a lot of variety in this one. You can make it like I did, or you can make it more like the paul hollywood recipe. In either case, you will have wonderful, soft puff pastry that is incredibly easy and quick to make.

The puff pastry used in this recipe is made from scratch in a large round pan. It has all of the same ingredients we use to make the traditional puff pastry. I also use a different type of oil for the pastry, and I’m using a recipe that calls for shortening, which is the fat in butter.

This recipe definitely lends itself to creating a nice puffed pastry, but you can customize it to your liking. What I like to do is make the filling the day before I want to bake it, and then let it cool. Once I’ve made the filling, I’ll then make everything else in the same pan that I can then use in the puff pastry. This recipe makes a large, round cake that is 6-inches thick.

I also do this with my own pies. I make the filling the day before I want to make my pie, and then let it cool. Once Ive made the filling, I take my pie crust out of the freezer and let it cool. Then I thaw out my filling and pour it into the pie dish. This recipe makes a pie that is 6-inches thick.

Paul Hollywood, I love you. You’re a genius. And I’m so proud of you.

Paul Hollywood is a famous chef, pastry chef, and restaurateur from LA. He has been in the food industry for almost 30 years, and has become a well-known pastry chef with a large following on Instagram. He has a wide variety of recipes that have people coming from all over the world to his restaurants. He has also been a successful television personality on The Food Network.

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