olive oil for stir fry

A good tip is to find olive oil that has a high smoke point. Many oils have a lower smoke point, which can lead to some oil being too hot and making your stir-fry turn into an overly hot mess. I use a nice, thick, olive oil that has a smoke point of around 400°F.

I’ve never heard of a stir-fry that was too hot or too cold, but I have heard of people who have had trouble with olive oil. Some people think olive oil is too strong and that it can really mess up a stir-fry. I can’t say I know what that’s all about, but I do know that using an olive oil that has a high smoke point can really help a stir-fry stay nice and cozy.

I’ve seen it happen to a friend of mine who started a stir-fry on low heat. He ended up with a big pile of food on the top of the stove, and the bottom of the pan was all melted. It was hard to get the food to cook evenly on low heat.

To me, a high smoke point oil is one that is highly volatile, because it burns right off when you cook with it. But if you have a low smoke point oil, you can actually cook the food in the pan for quite a long time because the oil is more stable so it can hold that much heat for a longer period of time. Olive oil is one of those low smoke points that you can cook for a long time without it burning off.

That is right. Olive oil is one of the least expensive oils out there, so it is not expensive to get the right oil for the right applications. It has a low smoke point and is a great deal for stir frying. It cooks food evenly and doesn’t hold much heat. It is also good for boiling, making sauces, and just generally being a great oil.

I’m not sure about the recipe, but I think a good olive oil will help the recipe. I’ve used olive oil in a lot of dishes, but it doesn’t have the same flavor that a lot of other oils do. In this case, I’m trying to make something that burns more quickly and is very easy to cook. I also have made a vat of olive oil using the same ingredients that I use in my dish.

The recipe I made was very simple, but it definitely is good. After I fried the food I put it in the fridge for about thirty minutes to let the flavors meld. Then I took it out and added some olive oil and some garlic. I was able to easily turn my raw food into a tasty, easy-to-cook dish.

I’m not sure how good olive oil is for stir-fried dishes, but that’s what I’m going to try to do here. I have a recipe for stir-fry that I’m going to make with olive oil and garlic. I think that it’s going to be good.

The olive oil I used was one I had left from a salad the night before, and I was excited to use it. It has a nice sweet flavor, and I was able to put it in a bowl and stir it around. I was also excited to add my garlic, which, as you can see, I didn’t even have to do. The dish came out looking almost like a very simple stir-fry.

I was skeptical that the dish was as simple as it looked, but it is. You can add the garlic after stirring the oil, or you can stir them together. I like garlic, and the oil didn’t taste very strong. It was a good start to my stir-fry, but I think I’ll go ahead and add my garlic next time.

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