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We met Kathrin in beautiful Biel, Switzerland. Besides her normal working life in an office, she also works as an independent nutritionist. Since April 2014 she is helping people in and around Biel to improve their attitude towards food and the way they eat and handle food. For her a good dish consists of as many fresh and raw food products of a good quality as possible. “Stress should be reduced and one should invest more time in eating, being active and sleeping well. Those people who eat well, sleep enough and regularly do sports have more energy and help improve their immune system. The right nutrition can even help to reduce, avoid or treat different diseases. This always fascinates me.” A big thank you to Kathrin for being such a good cooking companion.

Check out this great CAULIFLOWER SALAD recipe we brought from Switzerland. Thank you Kathrin from einMAHLeins.

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  • What comes to your mind when you think of “home”?

    A place where you feel good and where you always like to return to.

  • What do you associate with "traveling"?

    Discover new places, foreign cultures and – of course – always get to know different food. To be out and about.

  • Which place or destination blows your mind?

    Lofoten, Norway

  • Is there anyone you met who deeply impressed you?

    There is not this one special person but there are always these people who succeed in living their lives without any prejudices. This impresses me.

  • What does food mean to you?

    Food connects people, it brings them together. Eating is a pleasure, it is joie de vivre. And good, natural food makes one happy and keeps one healthy.

  • What is your favorite dish?

    Wow – that is the most difficult question for me. There are just so many delicious dishes and even if I try very hard I cannot decide what is my most favorite thing to eat.

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