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We met Cuong during our stay at Hotel La Perle in Hue, Vietnam. 28 years ago he moved to Germany and still lives there with his two lovely kids and his wonderful wife. From time to time he comes back to Vietnam to visit his friends and family, but at the moment he fulfills a very special task: He is helping his brother in law to build up a new hotel in Hue, trying to implement German standards and an insanely high service level. We keep our fingers crossed and wish Cuong all the best for the future. Hopefully we will meet again some day!

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  • What comes to your mind when you think of “home”?

    Two things come to my mind when I think of “home”: On the one hand my home is Vietnam, as this is the country where I was born and where I come from. On the other hand I found a second home in Germany, as this is where I currently live with my wife and my two kids.

  • What do you associate with "traveling"?

    For me traveling represents “freedom”. It is an absolute luxury to be able to travel and cross borders without any problems. In Vietnam a lot of people dream of traveling but cannot afford it. I really enjoy the freedom which traveling gives me.

  • Which place or destination blows your mind?

    I really love Mallorca. It is such a nice small and pretty island. In fact I really like islands, the sea and the beach. But I also like to visit cities. In Germany my favorite city is Dresden. I once lived there and I am really impressed by the history of this place.

  • Is there anyone you met who deeply impressed you?

    This would be my father. He encouraged me to go to Germany and do some vocational training over there. He thought it was very important to learn about German quality and standards. He always supported me with all his heart. I am so very thankful he did this.

  • What does food mean to you?

    For me there are two different meanings of food. When I am on the road I just eat because I have to and I somehow do not care about what I eat. And then there is the food I enjoy with my friends and family. This is pure passion for me. I think it is important to take your time to enjoy a meal with your loved ones and it always is a very special occasion for me. Food brings people together and helps people to get to know each other. You can share so many stories during a meal and this way you can also learn from each other.

  • What is your favorite dish?

    My favorite German dish is “Eisbein” with “Sauerkraut” and a lot of horseradish sauce. I could eat this three times a week. I also like roast pork with red cabbage and a lot of brown sauce. When it comes to Vietnamese food I do like all the dishes as long as they are not too spicy.

  • What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

    My aims regarding the Hotel La Perle Hue are quite high. It is quite challenging to implement high standards or even German hotel standards in a Vietnamese hotel. I also want to constantly hold a high level of service quality and create a green/sustainable hotel. I guess this is by far the biggest challenge for me at the moment but I am very optimistic.

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