Liebster Award – Meet Fritzi and Flo


We got an award! Hooray! Tanja and Christoph aka Travel Buddies honored us with the 2017 Liebster Award. Never heard of it? Here you go: The Liebster Award is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. ‘Liebster’ is a German word that means sweetest, kindest, nicest or dearest. The award is meant to help new bloggers to be discovered but also to connect with other bloggers and to support the blogging community. Once you receive the award, you get to answer 11 random questions, to publish the answers in a post and to nominate a couple of other blogs. And we thought it might be just the right idea to let you guys get to know us a little better too.

Wonder who the Travel Buddies are? Make sure to check out their blog, and follow them on their journey around the world.

Meet the Travel Buddies!
  • What do you like most about your blog?

    We guess we like most that it keeps us busy and going. Before we left for our travels we felt like we need a red line or a “task” – it is a good way to reflect what we experienced and to collect memories. And to share them with our friends and family. On top it is a great souvenir that will hopefully last forever. We also love that we get in touch with a lot of people because of what we do. That’s amazing!

  • If you win the lottery, would you change your travel style?

    We do not need much to be happy – a comfy bed, a clean room and maybe some good food. If we would win the lottery we would not change much, but we probably would do more of these way too expensive fun activities. And winning the lottery would of course mean that we could continue traveling for quite a while. That would be awesome! Oh and we would eat more ice cream. Definitely more ice cream.

  • What do you miss most from home when you are traveling?

    The only thing we probably miss from time to time is to be in one place for a longer time. Traveling is nice, no doubt, but from time to time we feel the urge to have a “home” for a few days. Just a place where you can make a mess, get all your stuff out of your backpack and where you do not have to pack and unpack things every few days. And we have been dreaming of a fresh, delicious and crunchy “Salamibroetchen” for quite a while already.

  • Tequila with lemon or orange?

    Oh my. No Tequila please. Unless it is a really good one. Our good friend Melissa, who has Mexican roots, once served us the tastiest Tequila ever. Without any salt, cinnamon, lemon or orange. We were surprised that this stuff can be tasty at all. But just in case we could save the world by drinking Tequila, we would go for the orange.

  • Which VIP should write something in your guestbook and why?

    VIP’s. You could possibly put one next to us at the dining table and we would hardly recognize that person. We are sooo bad at this. Flo sure would love to get a message from Terrance Hill. Why? Childhood memories. And because they are cool guys. And as we suddenly are talking about childhood heroes – Fritzi goes for the red ninja turtle!

  • Is the glas half full or half empty?

    Definitely half full. We got the chance to travel the world for 9 months and do what we want – how can we not be happy and optimistic?

  • Which place on earth did you like most and why?

    That’s a tough one. We’ve seen so many crazy beautiful places by now and it is really hard to just pick one. Even picking one per country is kind of hard. We saw amazing waterfalls, pitch-dark caves, beautiful rainbows, stunning mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, lakes and colorful reefs. We met penguins, seals, kangaroos, koalas, dolphins, possums, snakes, spiders, birds and other cool wildlife. We spent time on boats cruising through lagoons and hopping from one pretty island to the other. We woke up at remote beaches, in the cold and misty mountains, busy cities or at the seaside. And we could keep on going like this forever. The earth itself is a pretty beautiful and cool place. With all its diverse and amazing destinations. And we think all of us should go out there and see how beautiful this planet is for ourselves more often. Actually we get ask this question a lot. One guy we met once took our answer and put it quite nice: He said that a holiday is like a book, but a journey like ours is like a book with a lot of chapters. Or even a book per place, country etc. – so we cannot really tell any favorites. There is just too much to choose from. And each of these “books” is special for itself.

  • Chicken or egg? With a good reason!

    Chicken! Which before was a weird feathery dinosaur something creature that all of a sudden felt the urge to lay an egg. To reproduce faster and become the most annoying and noisy animal ever. There you go.

  • If your journey had a theme song, which would it be?

    “Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop-ba-dop-ba-dop-bop! I’m the scatman!” – We do not know why. Or how. Or when. But at some point during our travels this song got stuck in our heads (and do not tell us it is not in your head right now, too. You’re welcome!). From time to time one of us turns into the Scatman and the other one joins in. So yeah, we guess we already have secretly chosen a theme song and did not know until we were asked this question.

    Otherwise we did not bring a lot of music with us on this trip. This is why we ended up playing that one single playlist all the time. Surprisingly we are not annoyed by it at all. In contrary, we love these songs and they always take us bake to awesome moments and places.

  • When did you last have the feeling of total freedom?

    We have it all the time since we left in October 2016. There are no words to describe that feeling you have, when you know that you will be out to explore the world and only make your own decisions for such a long time. No duties, no daily routine – we think that is a huge part of what makes “freedom” and we feel it every day.

  • In the end something easy: What is the meaning of life?

    We are 100% sure that the meaning of life is not to be stuck in an office all day long and to just work, work, work until we die. Every time we take a look at this planet, we quickly realize that we are meant to be exploring this beauty more. Traveling teaches you a lot. And we think that some people should go out there and meet different people and cultures more often. It broadens your horizon and makes you realize that you do not need much to be happy. We just need to be kind to each other. Sounds so cheesy, but we think it’s true.