Lemongrass Chicken


The Asian cuisine is full of exciting, unusual and unique flavors. It always amazes us how well-balanced the flavors and textures in Asian dishes are. And lemongrass chicken (kai kua sikay) might be the most aromatic and delicious dish among all. We received this recipe in Laos, but you can also find it within the Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. It is quite easy to make and still combines the rich flavors of lemongrass, lime, coconut milk and some spicy chili. If you never cooked with fresh lemongrass before this should be the dish to try it with. You will love this quick and tasty dish.

Recipe for 4 Portions

  • chicken filet

    250 g

  • galangal

    20 g

  • lime leaves

    5 pcs

  • thai aubergine

    100 g

  • fish sauce

  • soy bean paste

  • lemongrass

    4 stalks

  • shallots

    5 pcs

  • coconut milk

    1 cup

  • lime juice

    1 tbsp

  • green beans

    100 g

  • oyster sauce

  • onion

    1 pc

  • garlic

    5 cloves

  • green peppers

    2 pcs

  • spring onion

    2 stalks

  • sugar

This dish goes very well with some rice – just like the Keng Phet Kai. Go ahead and combine these two delicious meals!

Start cooking!
  • 1. Step

    Cut off 5 slices of GALANGAL and slice 1/2 of the ONION as well. Cut 4 stalks of LEMONGRASS in 5 cm pieces. Save about 1 pc of the white part of one lemongrass stalk for later. Cut the GARLIC and the SHALLOTS in fine pieces. Put everything in a big pan or wok, add the LIME LEAVES and cook it with 1 tsp SUGAR to caramelize all the ingredients until they become golden brown.

  • 2. Step

    Cut the CHICKEN FILET in slices (you could also use tofu, fish filet, prawn or salmon instead) and add it to the pan. Stir gently and add 1 cup of COCONUT MILK. Once cooking lower the heat to medium. Now cut the THAI AUBERGINE in quarters and add them to the pan as well.

  • 3. Step

    Cut the GREEN PEPPERS in pieces and the left over white part of LEMONGRASS in very thin slices. Add all to the pan as well. Also add 2 tbsp of FISH SAUCE, 1 tbsp of OYSTER SAUCE and 1/4 tbsp of SOY BEAN PASTE. In case you do not have soy bean paste you can use 1 tbsp fish sauce instead. Cut the GREEN BEANS in half and add them too.

  • 4. Step

    Cut the SPRING ONION in 3 cm pieces and add them to the pan. Bring up the heat and add 1 tbsp of LIME JUICE.

  • Final Step

    Cook everything for another while and serve it with some rice. If you want to add some more spice you can cut a red chili into slices and add it on top. Make sure to not eat the slices of galangal and the whole pieces of lemongrass as they only remain in the dish for the flavor.

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