Located on the bank of Song Huong Perfume River Hue lies almost right in the middle of Vietnam: 700 km southern Hanoi, 1100 km northern Ho Chi Minh City. And only a few miles from the sea. With the old city and the Citadel on the north side and the newer city, including most hotels and restaurants, on the south side Hue has lots of things to offer. The riverside also has been nicely done up and is crowded with dragon boats, ready to be boarded to explore the city by water.

How to get there?

Flying within Vietnam is pretty cheap and therefore the most convenient option to get to Hue is to fly to Phu Bai Airport. But Hue can also be reached by bus or train with several connections available.


Besides visiting the Citadel (which seems to be a MUST when you are in Hue) we really enjoyed taking a walk at the riverside. Here we met lots of open-minded Vietnamese students and had some pretty interesting chats. Furthermore our hotel invited us to visit a small village close to Hue. Here we met some locals who showed us how to make Vietnamese “Happy Water” (rice liquor). This was a very special experience and we really enjoyed getting to know some proper Vietnamese village life.

How long to stay?

We visited Hue twice because of the friends we made during our first stay. There is quite a bit to explore in the city and especially history lovers will definitely love this place. In our opinion the perfect length of stay are 2-3 days. If the weather is nice this will also give you enough time to explore the surrounding and the nearby beaches.

Where to stay?

We found the most amazing place to stay in Hue: Hotel La Perle Hue. The hotel opened in early August 2016 and offers super clean and modern rooms at fair prices (between 20 to 28 EUR per night). We also have never experienced a better service. The staff is extraordinary friendly and helpful and they will try to make your stay as special as possible. They also offer fun activities like cooking classes, market trips or even a short introduction into how to make rice liquor. We loved it and cannot wait to come back one day!

  • Our recommendations

    DMZ The Vietnam War sure was one of the defining events of the second half of the twentieth century. Hue is a good starting point to explore the DMZ – the Demilitarized Zone. This is the area around the former border between North and South Vietnam which experienced some heavy fighting during the war. Several tour operators offer day trips to the DMZ, so you definitely will find a tour that suits your needs.
    Thuan An Beach This beach is located about 15 km northeast of Hue. It lies right on the spectacular Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon near the mouth of Huong River. It is quite easy to go here by motorbike.
    Lang Co Beach This is more a bay than a beach, located roughly 12 km north of Hue. This place has been recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and definitely is worth a visit. Again the best choice would be to hire a motorbike and explore this beautiful area by yourself.

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