Gado Gado


It took us quite a while until we enjoyed our first dish of fresh Gado Gado in Indonesia. And we wish we had tried it earlier – it is so good! Gado Gado is a typical Indonesian salad of slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables with some tofu, egg or crunchy tempeh. And it is served with a delicious peanut sauce. It is a typical street food and Gado Gado means “medley” or “potpourri”. This meaning refers to all the different seasonal ingredients that are used, making it slightly different wherever you go and whatever the time of year.

Recipe for 2 Portions

  • tofu

    200 g

  • carrot

    1 pc

  • water spinach

    50 g

  • long beans

    100 g

  • bean sprouts

    100 g

  • coconut oil

Gado Gado peanut sauce:

  • peanuts

    4 tbsp

  • palm sugar

    15 g

  • red chili (small)

    1 pc

  • garlic

    2 cloves

  • ketjap manis

    1 tbsp

  • water

  • salt

    1 tsp

  • sunflower oil

Gado Gado also makes a good starter or side for a delicious fresh Indonesian Yellow Chicken Curry! Try it!

Start cooking!
  • 1. Step

    We start this recipe with the preparation of the delicious peanut sauce. Fry the PEANUTS in a pan with hot SUNFLOWER OIL until golden brown. Remove the seeds of the RED CHILI and cut it into slices. Pound the PEANUTS, GARLIC, PALM SUGAR (you can use brown sugar instead) and RED CHILI in a mortar until you obtain a smooth paste. You can also use a conventional blender. Mix the paste with 1/2 cup of hot WATER and add the KETJAP MANIS and SALT. Mix everything well and put aside. Note: Depending on your personal taste you can use more or less red chili or garlic.

  • 2. Step

    Clean the vegetables (WATER SPINACH, BEAN SPROUTS and CARROT). Cut the CARROT in cubes and the WATER SPINACH in small pieces. Put everything in a pot of boiling water. Let it boil no more than 5 minutes. Note: Depending on your personal taste you can also use meat instead of tofu or any other kind of vegetables you like.

  • 3. Step

    Cut the TOFU into cubes and fry with about half a table spoon of coconut oil until golden brown.

  • Final Step

    To serve mix the vegetables and tofu together and place them on a large dish. Put the peanut sauce on top and some shrimp crackers or fried tempeh on the side.

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