How To Travel: Australia (East Coast)


Australia is huge. Even if we spent the rest of our life on an endless road trip around the country, there still will be new things to discover. It`s size gives Autralia a wide variety of landscapes: From tropical rainforests in the north-east to mountain ranges in the south-east, south-west and east and a dry desert in the centre. Most Australians live along the coast – so this is where you not only find stunning beaches and good waves to surf, here you can also discover a lot of fun cities. All of them with their very own characteristics and style.

How to get there by plane?

To explore Australia’s east coast you could best fly to Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. You could also choose to fly to Cairns or any other smaller airport along the coast.

How to get there by land?

Australia is huge. So once you are there, you can drive, drive, and drive even more. But you probably will not be able to reach the continent by car itself. Although there might be options to ship your car over with a ship.


There are different via options to choose one. A very popular one (at least for Germans) is the working holiday visa. You have to apply for it online. If you want to visit the country as a tourist, you can apply online for the a visitor visa if you are outside Australia and you hold a passport from an eligible country.


When it comes to food, Australia plates up a multicultural fusion of European techniques and fresh Pacific-rim ingredients. Besides seafood, meat also plays a significant role in the Australian cuisine. So join us in grabbing a good glass of Australian wine or beer and follow us during our Australian adventure.

The capital of the state of Queensland, Brisbane, is not only the closest destination for international travelers to Australia, it is also a great hub to start from for many Australian experiences.

Visit Brisbane!

Australias largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city: Sydney, is home to two of the most iconic structures on this planet; the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Visit Sydney!

Visitors to Melbourne, the city of style, are often spoilt for choice with sporting spectacles, art and culture attractions, stylish shopping, beautiful arcades and laneways, and picturesque public parks.

Visit Melbourne!

Traveling is about the journey – not about the destination. A journey along the Great Ocean Road is the best proof – it is more than a coastal road. It is a collection of experiences, which enable you to create your own story, chase your free spirit, feed your wanderlust and explore.

Drive the Great Ocean Road!