Ahi Poke


And here we go again: Another raw fish island paradise recipe – Ahi Poke. We got to know this dish during our time in Hawaii where “poke” (poh-kay) means “to slice”. Making Poke almost has become a fine art in Hawaii and it is essential to any social gathering. It is almost like bringing a bag of snacks to a picnic. You just got to have it. Obviously, the key ingredient is a good grade of fresh fish. But in the end it is a simple, but delicious recipe and it is so easy to vary the ingredients to fit your personal taste, or to create other Poke variations.

Recipe for 2 Persons

  • fish (tuna)

    450 g

  • soy sauce

    1/4 cup

  • yellow onion

    1/4 cup

  • sesame oil

    1 tsp

  • sesame seeds

    1 tsp

  • ginger

    1 tsp

  • sea salt

    2 tsp

  • spring onion

    2 tbsp

  • jalapeno (optional)

    1 tbsp

Just in case you are curious about Hawaii now – no problem. Besides eating a lot of Poke, we also explored a lot of places on O’ahu. Check it out!

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  • 1. Step

    Cube the FISH in bite-sized pieces. Chop the YELLOW ONION in pieces and the GREEN ONION in rings. Grate the GINGER and roast the SESAME SEEDS.

    Note: We prefer tuna in this recipe. Just make sure to remove the tough, white, connective tissue.

  • Final Step

    Mix all ingredients (FISH, SOY SAUCE, YELLOW ONION, GREEN ONION, SESAME OIL, SESAME SEEDS, GINGER and SEA SALT) in a bowl and eat as soon as possible. Or refrigerate a few hours before packing it up for a nice bbq or party.

    Note: The proportion of ingredients can be fine-tuned to your particular taste. You can also add some finely diced jalapeno if you like.