Yellow Chicken Curry


Agood yellow chicken curry always puts us in food heaven. There are so many good recipes for yellow curries, probably most of them inspired by the Thai cuisine. We quickly fell in love with the creamy, savory-sweet taste of this wonderful dish and were delighted when we received the recipe in Indonesia. No matter if you eat it with chicken or if you prefer tofu, if you want to add potato or tomato – the taste most probably will always be awesome. And you can create your personal favorite yellow chicken curry whenever you like. Here is our favorite!

Recipe for 2 Portions

  • lemongrass

    2 stalks

  • garlic

    4 cloves

  • galangal

    20 g

  • ginger

    20 g

  • coriander seeds

    2 tsp

  • chicken breast

    300 g

  • long beans

    100 g

  • shallots

    4 pcs

  • red chili

    2 pcs

  • white pepper

    1 tsp (seeds)

  • macadamia nut

    1 pc

  • cabbage

    150 g

  • water spinach

    60 g

  • salt

  • palm sugar

    30 g

  • turmeric

    20 g

  • coconut milk

    200 ml

  • water

    200 ml

  • carrot

    1 pc

  • sunflower oil

We received this recipe on the wonderful little island Gili Air in Indonesia. Make sure to visit this island paradise at least once!

Visit Gili Air!
  • 1. Step

    Clean and wash all ingredients except the seeds and the chicken breast. Remove the seeds from the RED CHILI and cut the white part of the LEMONGRASS in small pieces. Peel the CARROT and cut it into cubes. Cut the WATER SPINACH and CABBAGE into small pieces and the LONG BEANS into bigger pieces. Cut the CHICKEN BREAST in small pieces as well.

  • 2. Step

    Now we prepare the yellow curry paste: Peel the GALANGAL, GINGER and TURMERIC and put all of it in a blender. Also add the SHALLOTS, GARLIC, MACADAMIA NUT, RED CHILI, LEMONGRASS, PALM SUGAR (you can use brown sugar instead) and SALT. Add the WATER and blend everything for approx. 1 minute on the highest level until you have a fine paste.

  • 3. Step

    Add some SUNFLOWER OIL in a pan and wait until it is hot. Add the CHICKEN BREAST and cook it until it starts getting golden brown. Then add the CURRY PASTE and let it boil for a couple of minutes.

  • Final Step

    Now it is time to add the COCONUT MILK and the VEGETABLES. Cook it for a while until the vegetables are done and then serve the curry in a bowl together with some fresh rice. Note: You can also use tofu instead of chicken and add any kind of vegetable you like. And you can use as many garlic and chili as you prefer.

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