Meat Pie


If you ask Australians for typical recipes or dishes, most of them will respond “Meat Pie”. Or pies in general. This Aussie icon sure has British roots, but once we tried our first pie, we understood what this pie love is about. Nothing warms you up like a rich pie, loaded with beef mince and a nice gravy. You usually … Read More



Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. Of course you can also reach the city by train or bus. Out of the many attractions in Brisbane we really enjoyed walking around South Banks and West End. Both parts of the city have lots of nice shops, bars an restaurants to offer and at South … Read More

Beef Loc Lac


One of our favorite Cambodian dishes is the Beef Loc Lac, a beef stir-fry with a tasty marinade and a fruity and fresh lime dipping sauce. The dish is served on a bed of fresh salad and the directions of the recipe are quite easy to follow. The recipe originally comes from Vietnam, where it is called Bo Luc Lac … Read More

Fried Passion Fruit Banana


Asians love to use a lot of fresh fruit in their desserts. Especially bananas are used a lot. During our time in Cambodia we came across this recipe for fried bananas with a nice sweet sauce of passion fruit, honey and coconut milk. The bananas are not only fried, but also flambéed with some whiskey, adding a very special flavor. … Read More

How To Travel: Canada


Canada – the globe`s second-biggest country. Here one can find an endless variety of landscapes. From sky-high mountains to glaciers, rainforests and remote beaches; it`s all here, spread across six time zones. But Canada is more than mountain, coast, maple leaves and moose: Here you can also find extraordinary meals. And probably the most welcoming, helpful and friendly locals. The … Read More

Meet Lisa and Paul


During our time in the wonderful island paradise of Aitutaki, Cook Islands, we were lucky enough to end up booking a room at the Matriki Beach Huts. Here we met Lisa and Paul, and it was not only their great hospitality, but also their personal story that deeply impressed us. Both of them met in Perth, Australia and came across … Read More

Spicy Shrimp Salad


This spicy shrimp salad makes a perfect quick and healthy summer lunch. We came across it during our stay in Siem Reap Cambodia and we love the fact that it combines some delicious spicy, sweet and sour tastes. So this also is the reason why it quickly became one of our favorites. The recipe is quite easy to follow, quick … Read More

Mango Salad


We received this recipe for a crunchy and healthy mango salad in Siem Reap Cambodia. It is super easy to make, combines some pretty nice natural flavors and will definitely brighten up your day. The recipe reminds us a lot of Thailand’s green papaya salad and probably was inspired by it. A delicious fresh mango salad makes a great starter … Read More

Gado Gado


It took us quite a while until we enjoyed our first dish of fresh Gado Gado in Indonesia. And we wish we had tried it earlier – it is so good! Gado Gado is a typical Indonesian salad of slightly boiled, blanched or steamed vegetables with some tofu, egg or crunchy tempeh. And it is served with a delicious peanut … Read More