On the west coast of Lombok you will find Senggigi. Although this small town can be considered as the main tourism hub and also most developed tourism area of whole Lombok, it is still very laid-back and not as large and busy as other tourism centers. From Senggigi it is easy to explore the attractions of the stunning south coast or to simply hop on a boat to the famous Gili islands. You can swim, snorkel, dive or hike in the sun, have a massage, eat and drink at some of the restaurants and bars in town; or simply take a break and be enchanted by the peace and beauty of Lombok.

How to get there?

Senggigi is just a one hour drive away from Lombok International Airport. In case you do not want to fly you can also take a boat from Bali to Lembar, Lombok. From here it is a one hour drive as well.


During the stay in the Senggigi area our highlight was doing a small scooter loop up to the north (until we reached Pemenang) and back through the mountains (taking the road leading to Lombok’s capital Mataram). We always like places which have mountains and are still close to the sea – and that is exactly what you will get in this area. There is one bay or beach next to the other and every single one of them seems to be prettier than the one you have seen before. At some point you will also spot the three Gilis on the horizon. The loop makes for a good day trip and you can easily stop at a couple of beaches and enjoy them. Our faovrites were Coco Beach, Klui Beach and Pandanan Beach. Also do not miss Malimbu and Nipah Beach: Two picturesque bays which are good for snorkeling, swimming and getting away from the crowd. On the way through the mountains you can also stop for a visit at Pusuk Monkey Forest.

How long to stay?

As our plan was to slowly head further north we decided to stay in Senggigi for 2 nights only. We did not expect a lot when we arrived, but after we took our scooter to explore the area, we quickly felt like 3-4 nights would have been perfect. We saw so many pretty places and would have loved to enjoy them (and ourselves) a little more. The area also is a good starting point for a trip to the Gilis. And if you like to party, you will not get bored at all.

Where to stay?

Senggigi is a relaxing and attractive place to stay, with a good range of luxury hotels and resorts, as well as mid-range and budget accommodations. We chose a hotel located a bit south of the city center, as we like to stay away from the tourist trouble if possible. We ended up in the White Rose Guest House at 21 EUR/night. The rooms are not very big, but clean, comfortable, with aircon, awesome TV channels and a nice bathroom. The two owners, Bob and Steph, are super helpful and friendly. It even felt like we were staying with family. They will definitely try to make your stay as nice as possible and they will probably spoil you: There are free snacks placed all over the hotel property, free instant noodle cups, jelly, fruit and drinks in the dining area and they even gave us presents when we left. They have some pretty good scooters which you can rent and they also offer private car transportation.

  • Our recommendations

    Warung Sate Rembiga Utama Just in case you want to try some of the best sate ever, make sure to visit this popular place. Check their website to get the address, but most of the time you will recognize it quite easy due to the super long line in front of the restaurant.
    Surfing Senggigi This definitely is not the most favorite area to surf in Lombok, but there are waves from time to time and even if they are tiny, the locals enjoy them very much. There is a nice spot located between Senggigi Beach and Senggigi Bay, at the most southern point of Senggigi Beach. If you drive further north you will also find some surf schools.
    Senggigi Beach One thing you definitely have to do during your stay in Senggigi is to watch the sunset at Senggigi Beach. You will love how the bright orange sun sinks into the sea to the west with Bali’s Gunung Agung volcano silhoutted on the horizon like a giant pyramid floating in the ocean. At the southern point of the beach you will also find the Senggigi Reef. It has good coral for snorkeling and, as mentioned above, some decent surf breaks if conditions are right. On the weekends you can also hire canoes in this area or charter a local outrigger boat to explore the coast or do a trip to the Gilis.
    Sunday at the beach We felt that the beaches in Senggigi only get crowded during the weekend, especially on Sundays. But do not be scared – visiting some of the beaches on a Sunday will give you the chance to experience how the locals enjoy their day off at the beach. There is music, good food and lots of happy and super friendly people, who will love to have you around.
    Going to the Gilis In case you want to take a day trip to the Gilis or continue your journey on the islands, there are two options: 1) Take a speed boat from Teluk Nara (about 25 km north of Senggigi), 2) Take the public ferry from Bangsal harbour (about 30 km north of Senggigi) or 3) take a speed boat from the ferry terminal at Senggigi Beach (operated by Scoop).

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