Packing List


What to pack in your backpack when you are traveling for some time? Not an easy decision. You may want to take everything, but the bigger the luggage, the more you have to carry on your back. Probably at 35 degrees or when you find yourself running for a train somewhere in Asia. We want to help you sharpen your mind towards packing and share our essentials with you.

A good travel first aid kit is essential for a trip around the world. We tell you what to include!

Stay healthy!
  • Anything else?

    A girl’s and a boy’s luggage can be quite different. Depending on personal needs and preferences there might be some things that one cannot live without. We think there is no perfect packing list, but if you sharpen your mind towards the essentials for yourself`(or the trip you want to make), you definitely will find your perfect personal packing list. For us it was important to take as little as possible – not more than 10 – 15 kg per person. Traveling with a companion also lets you share stuff (e.g. a first aid kit or a water filtration system) and therefore saves you some space and above all some weight on your back.