Lamb Tacos With Kiwi Salsa


The diverse British-based cuisine of New Zealand is largely driven by local ingredients and seasonal variations. And, as it comes to food and local produces, the two things that are omnipresent in this country certainly are sheep and kiwi fruits. This is why we decided to come up with some crunchy and absolutely tasty lamb and kiwi salsa tacos. We love the fruity and spicy taste of the kiwi salsa combined with the rich taste of some sweet and tender 100% New Zealand lamb.

Recipe for 8 - 10 Tacos

  • lamb filet

    400 g

  • hard taco shells

    8 – 10 pcs

  • lime

    1 pc

  • garlic

    3 cloves

  • cherry tomatoes

    8 pcs

  • dark beer

    1 bottle

  • salt

  • mint

    1 bunch

  • red chili

    1 pc

  • bell pepper

    1/2 pc

  • tomato paste

    1 tbsp

  • black pepper

  • sunflower oil

  • coriander

    1 bunch

  • onion

    2 pcs

  • kiwi

    2 pcs

  • cumin seeds

    1 tbsp (ground)

  • water

  • salad

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  • 1. Step

    First of all let us prepare the Kiwi Salsa:

    Finely chop 1/4 ONION (we used a yellow onion, but you can also use shallots or red onions instead), 1 clove GARLIC, 1/2 BELL PEPPER and a small RED CHILI (in case you do not like it spicy, use a sweet chili instead). Peal the KIWI and cut the meat in small pieces as well. Finely chop a handful of CORIANDER and another handful of MINT. Squeeze the LIME and save the juice. Mix everything in a bowl and put in the fridge to cool.

    Note: Just in case you are not a big fan of coriander, no worries. Just go ahead without its “soapy” taste – it will be just as delicious.

  • 2. Step

    Now we need to get some more chopping done: Chop 1 ONION and 2 cloves of GARLIC in small bits. Cut the LAMB in bite-sized pieces and the CHERRY TOMATOES in quarters. Finely chop a handful of MINT as well.

  • 3. Step

    Heat some SUNFLOWER OIL in a pan. As soon as the oil is hot, add the chopped GARLIC and ONION. Fry on high heat for a while and then add the LAMB. Add some BLACK PEPPER and SALT. Sear the lamb and deglaze it with 1/4 cup of BEER. Turn down the heat.

    Note: We chose a local Ale, but in the end you can just go for your personal favorite. We would recommend a dark beer as these ones are sweeter.

  • 4. Step

    Add the CHERRY TOMATOES, 1 tbsp of ground CUMIN SEEDS, the chopped MINT, 1 tbsp of TOMATO PASTE and 1/2 cup of WATER. Leave to cook until you have a nice creamy texture.

  • Final Step

    Time to serve the Tacos! Take a HARD TACO SHELL and put some SALAD inside. Use as much as you like, but not too much, as these little things fill up quite quick. Add some of the LAMB and put some KIWI SALSA on top. Make sure to enjoy the crunchy goodness right away, otherwise the hard taco shell might get all wet and soft. Oh and if you like: Make sure to take care of the remaining beer while snacking the taco. Enjoy!

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