Keng Phet Kai


We received this recipe for a coconut milk soup with chicken in Luang Prabang, Laos. Another name is “Keng Phet Kai” (Laos) or “Kaeng Phet Gai” (Thai) meaning “spicy curry with chicken”. Actually it is more a Thai than a Laos dish, but this only shows how similar the cuisines of these two countries are. As it is such a widely loved dish, there are many variations: We will show you how to cook the Laos style chicken in coconut milk soup. Most of the ingredients are measured in cups, but in general you can take just as much as you like. The chicken can also be replaced by tofu.

Recipe for 4 Portions

  • chicken

    250 g

  • mushrooms

    1 cup

  • cubed potatoes

    1/2 cup

  • green beans

    1/4 cup

  • cubed eggplant

    1/4 cup

  • lime juice

    4 tbsp

  • carrot

    1 pc

  • lemongras

    5 stalks

  • galangal

    30 g

  • lime leaves

    5 pcs

  • onion

    1 pc

  • shallots

    2 pcs

  • soya bean paste

    3 tsp

  • thai basil leaves

    5 pcs

  • red chili

    1 pc

  • garlic

    4 cloves

  • chili powder

    1 tsp

  • oyster sauce

    3 tbsp

  • chili paste

    as much as you like

  • coconut milk

    330 ml

Want to get to know more about the place where we found this recipe? Check out Luang Prabang, Laos.

Visit Luang Prabang!
  • 1. Step

    Cut the CHICKEN into slices and the MUSHROOMS into quarters. Clean the mushrooms before cutting. Peel the POTATOES and the CARROT and cut them into cubes. You can also use a little less of potato and add some pumpkin instead. Cut the GREEN BEANS in half and the EGGPLANT into cubes. Note: If you put the eggplant cubes in some water with 1 tbsp lime juice they will not turn brown.

  • 2. Step

    Mix 1 cup of COCONUT MILK with 3 cups of WATER in a pot and boil. Add the cubed POTATOES and CARROT. Boil for about 20 min until everything is well cooked. Go ahead with the other preparations in the meantime.

  • 3. Step

    Cut off the end of the LEMONGRASS and finely chop the white part. Cut the green part into half. Cut off about 10 slices of GALANGAL and finely chop the rest. Slice the ONION and 2 cloves of GARLIC. Finely chop the other 2 cloves of garlic, the SHALLOTS and the RED CHILI.

  • 4. Step

    Fry ONION, LEMONGRASS (both parts), GALANGAL (both parts), SHALLOTS, RED CHILI, LIME LEAVES and the GARLIC (both parts) in a wok. You can either use 2 tbsp of sunflower or coconut oil. Fry everything until golden brown. Note: The lime leaves, the green part of the lemongrass and the sliced galangal only is added for seasoning. Everything will stay in the soup, but will not be eaten in the end.

  • 5. Step

    Add the CHICKEN to the wok and stir on high heat. Add 2 tbsp of COCONUT MILK and some CHILI PASTE. You can also use red curry paste instead. Keep stiring. Add WATER if needed. Also add 3 tbsp of OYSTER SAUCE, 1 tsp of CHILI POWDER and 3 tsp SOYA BEAN PASTE. Add another 2 tbsp of COCONUT MILK. Note: The soya bean paste can be replaced with 5 tsp of fish sauce.

  • 6. Step

    At this point you can add the EGGPLANT, GREEN BEANS and MUSHROOMS. Stir and cook on low heat until the vegetables are cooked well.

  • Final Step

    Finally put the whole content of the wok into the pot with coconut milk, potatoes and carrot. Mix well and reboil. Before serving add 3 tbsp of LIME JUICE, 2 tbsp of COCONUT MILK and some BASIL LEAVES. The soup makes a great starter but you can also serve it with some rice as main dish.

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